How can I monitor my service?

In this case in the side section of the cPanel, the client can see the Statistics of:

Broadband, Additional Domains, Disk Usage, Subdomains, MySQL Disk Usage, Aliases, Email Accounts, Mailing Lists, Physical Memory Usage, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts, Number of Processes, Auto answering machines, Forwarders, Email Filters, CPU Usage and Input Processes.

But the client can see even more detailed statistics by entering each Metrics section:

In visitors the client can monitor the visits received by a domain or sub domain (IP addresses) if the client sees something suspicious can block the ip in the section of Security, IP Blocker.

In Broadband the client can see the behavior of his service the Last (s) 24 hours, last week and the previous year, likewise can see every month the web consumption of each domain and sub domain (HTTP), FTP, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP, if the client selects each of these, he / she will be able to see the consumption of said resource in detail day by day.

In Awstats and Webalizer the client will have two alternatives where you can see the statistics of visits of their domain and sub domains.

Finally, in the section on CPU usage and simultaneous connection, the client will find two links, one that says: "Details" where the client can see the statistics graphs of CPU behavior, Physical Memory, Process Input, Process and failures and in the second link it says "Snapshots" the client will be able to see the list of processes and the consumption of CPU and RAM memory of each of these.

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