How can I migrate my current hosting service to Conexcol?

To migrate a web hosting service from another provider to Conexcol there are several ways:

The first is: if your other provider manages cPanel, you only have to copy the ETC and MAIL folders that you will find in the home, they handle the cPanel mail service, then you must copy the public_html folder through programs such as Filezilla or WinSCP. Last copy the database directly from the cPanel, then upload it in the same part within the Conexcol cPanel.

The second is: use the backup tools that bring the different control panels or applications like wordpress or joomla

The last one is to ask for free of charge to Conexcol the migration for you supplying to the web address of the other provider, the user and the password of the hosting where all the information will be brought. < / p>

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