Set up POP mail in Gmail

To set up emails in Gmail, just follow these steps:

1.- We go to Gmail and in the inbox click on "configuration" (Gear on the right side)

2.- Then we must click on the top tab "accounts and import" and once inside we give "Add a POP3 email account yours".

3 .- Then we will open a new tab, in which we must enter our account that we want to "link" and we give "Next step". (Example

4.- The next step asks for the password and the user.

Username: (Full mail)


POP server:

Port: 995

We must select:

* "Always use an SSL connection (secure connection) to retrieve email messages".

Click on "Add account"

5.- Once the account is added, ask us if we want to send emails from that account, if we want, we must answer yes.

6.- Now you ask us for the name with which you are going to send an email every time we want to send an email with that address, this name can be the one we want, even the same as the one in the gmail account. Remember to uncheck the treat as alias box.

7.- In this step, you request the necessary information to be able to send emails.

We select:

* "Send through SMTP servers".

SMTP server:

Port: 465

Username: Full mail


Select: "Secure connection via SSL".

"Add account"

8.- Now, ask us for a confirmation code.

To obtain this code we must go to our mail to, and open the email that we have received from gmail with the title "Send messages as". And we must follow the steps indicated in the mail.

After these steps, we can send and receive emails from our domain registered in Conexcol, manage them from the gmail environment.

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