How to get the most out of anti-spam filters?

The spam filter (SpamAssassin) is customizable depending on your needs and you should train it by marking the emails as "spam" or "no spam".

To train it, use the "roundcube" webmail option to view the mail at http://mail.SUDOMINIO.COM.

1. To train the filter to indicate that an email is SPAM:

Inside RoundCube, mark the email and press the "Mark as SPAM" button.

2. To train the filter to indicate an email that is not spam and was marked as spam (false positive): /

Once inside RoundCube, select the mail that was mistakenly marked as spam and move it to the Spam folder, then enter the Spam folder, select the email and press the "Mark as not SPAM" button. The system will learn that this mail is not SPAM based on its content, origin and other available information, in addition to moving the mail to the inbox where it can be consulted without problems.

For emails that are already downloaded to your computer, even if the email is marked as spam, you can always check it by opening the attached file, which is the original message in standard Outlook format. To see the message, save the attachment "original message before SpamAssassin.txt" and change the extension to .eml

Once with the extension .eml you can open it by double clicking on the message with your Outlook.

Additionally you can manage your own white or black lists using RoundCube in the mail options in the SpamAssassin section.

Also in your cPanel, in the email section, Spam Filters, Additional Settings (for advanced users), here you will find the white list and blacklist of your cPanel.

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