How to set up an email account in Windows Phone?

1) In the list of applications, click on Settings and then on Mail + Accounts.

2) Tap Add an account> Advanced settings.

3) Enter your email address and password, and click Next.

4) Click on Internet Mail.

5) Perform the following procedure:

Account name

Enter a descriptive name for the account. This account name will appear on the phone.

Your name

Enter your name. This is the name of the sender in the email messages that you will send from this account.

Incoming mail server

Enter the name of the incoming mail server. In general, this includes POP or IMAP (depending on the type of email account). Please enter the full email address


Enter your username.


Enter your password.

Outgoing mail server (SMTP)

Enter the name of the outgoing mail server. Typically, the name of the outgoing mail server includes SMTP.

Some addresses also require port numbers. Normally the format is as follows (you just have to replace these numbers with yours):

mail.your domain Port: 993 (Entry)

mail.your domain Port: 465 (exit)

The exit server requires authentication

Verify that this configuration is correct.

Use the same username and password to send mail

Verify that this configuration is correct.

6) Tap Advanced Settings, verify that all the settings are correct, choose your download settings and then click on Login.

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