How to hire a Cloud Server (Dedicated Server)?

To contract the service of a Cloud server, the following steps must be taken into account:

1. We enter the Conexcol page

2. We click on the servers


3. After we enter the page of the cloud servers that are available, we can find the different resources that the plans we manage have, there are two tabs, one with the Optimized plans in CPU that manage a greater number of machine resources (RAM - vCPU) and another where we enter the plans designed in proportion to machine resources and capacity issues of space.

4. After knowing what plan is going to be taken, we click on the hire

button option.

5. Once we are in the part of the plan to contract, we find the option to configure the cloud, leaving here the name what the virtual machine will have and the type of operating system that will be configured (Windows, Linux, etc.), in addition to the different complements that they can add.

6. Once the machine is configured we click continue

7. After clicking continue, we will find the configuration of the plan to be contracted and the purchase summary.

8. As soon as we choose the payment gateway option, we validate whether or not it is registered in the system. If you are registered, we take the Already Registered option, if on the other hand you are not, we click on New.

9. Once all the information is completed, we accept the terms and conditions and click continue.

10. Finally, the system redirects us to the payment gateway that has been enabled and the process is carried out.

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