How to set up an email account on an Iphone?

The configuration for IMAP is as follows:

1. Select "Settings" / "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" / "Add Account".

2. Click on "Other", which is at the end of the list.

3. Click on "Add Mail Account".

4. Write the following information:

a. Name - Enter the string of characters you want to appear to identify yourself in the emails of others.

b. Address - Your email address (@

c. Password - Password for your account @

d. Description - Write a description of your account. This aspect can only be seen by you.

5. Save it by pressing "save".

6. Select IMAP at the beginning.

7. On the next screen, type the following:

a. Host Name - Enter the name of your email address. (

b. User Name - Enter your full email address. (

c. Password - Enter your password @

8. Save it by pressing "save". (You may see a message about SSL, confirm for what appears.)

9. You will return to the initial screen. Click on your newly created email.

10. Go to the end of the screen, and start the advanced options.

11. In the Mail configuration section, you can associate your folders, to your user's folders stored in the Mdaemon server. For each folder, click on the arrow. A new screen will appear, where you can select the folder "on the server".

If you want to do with POP, change step 6 from IMAP to POP and skip the step of mapping the folders, which obviously we can not do.

To activate outgoing SSL email

1. In the SMTP menu, click on the outgoing main server for the account. This will be the server name assigned to your domain.

2. Next to Use SSL, press ON.

3. Click on Server Port and change the port to 465.

4. Click on Save.

Where is the SSL on the iPhone?

How to activate email with SSL on your iPhone. After setting up an IMAP or POP account on your iPhone®, you can activate your Secure Connection Layer Protocol (SSL) to prevent third parties from potentially seeing your email messages.

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