What are the steps to transfer a domain?

In order for the transfer of a domain to be transparent and not affect the service at any time, the following steps must be followed:

1. Hire a hosting plan with Conexcol

2. Decrease the DNS cache time for 5 minutes. That is, change the TTL of the domain in the DNS of the old provider to 300

3. Configure the domain in the new hosting

4. Create emails, subdomains and additional domains.

5. Transfer the web information and databases of the previous provider.

6. Send us the information to migrate all emails from the old provider to Conexcol

7. Change the DNS of the domain in the previous provider so that they point to Conexcol:

- dns1.conexcol.net

- dns2.conexcol.net

8. At this point the mails are already received in the contracted plan with Conexcol and the website is attended.

9. Conexcol performs the migration of the mail messages that remained on the old platform to Conexcol.

IMPORTANT: Complete the transfer process, accepting the confirmation email of the transfer. (This process can take up to 5 calendar days) and completely completed the process with the previous provider.

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