Cómo puedo subir mis archivos vía FTP?

There are 2 options:

I. FTP Client Software:

To have full control over the content of your website, you can use an FTP client on your computer that shows you the local files and files in your hosting account. When you connect you can upload or download files easily from or to your computer:

1. Download and install http://winscp.net/download/winscp428setup.exe
2. Run the FTP client and set up an account with the following data:
- Hostname: (the domain of your website)
- User name: (the user of your control panel)
- Password: (the key of your control panel)
- File protocol: SFTP
3. Click on login and you can see your hosting account.
4. Upload the files within the domain folder.



1. Open the Filezilla
2. Go to File, Site Manager and click on new site
3. Server: your domain
- Port: 1022
4. Protocol: SFTP
5. Access Mode: Normal
6. User and password: the same access to your control panel.


II. Web Access

Just enter your control panel, File (File), File Manager (File Manager)

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