Recommendations of plans before hiring.

Depending on the type of website and hosted application, a site may need a simple shared service or even a group of dedicated cloud servers.

In general a small website for personal or general use with few visits and that only requires a couple of email accounts, will work well in a Hosting Elastic Sites in London Plan mini.

A website of a small business or a natural person is recommended a V1 or V2 plan, A company with medium traffic and more employees is recommended to use a Hosting plan Elastic Sites V3, V4, V5 and V6. A company with heavy traffic and high information flow is recommended to use a Hosting Plan Elastic Sites V7, V8, V9 and V10. Find these plans at

If what you are going to host is a web application, RoR, business applications, LMS, intranets, eLearning, high performance, WebApps in general, a cPanel Cluster hosting plan is recommended. Find these plans at

For those who act as an independent hosting provider or have their own hosting clients but do not want to enter the management part of dedicated servers, we have plans for reseller cPanel Reseller Hosting. These plans allow control of the distribution of the resources of your main account among several sub-accounts. You keep your own clients separated from each other in hosting plans that you can create yourself, assigning each of your clients your own cPanel account. Find these plans at

If you are looking to install special software, have your own mail server, telephony server, accounting, VPN, Windows Server, configure special services, develop an exclusive platform or even open your own hosting company in Colombia, the service Dedicated hosting with Cloud Servers in Colombia is the right one for you. Find these plans at

For huge web projects or that only require space for your emails and that do not require opening with the maximum speed, we have a very complete and secure hosting solution in servers located in Colombia with our Plans S1, S2. S3, S4 and S5. Find these plans at

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