How do I know which web hosting plan is right for me?

Plan V0: (plan takeoff)

Ideal for small personal or general purpose websites with little traffic.


Basic hosting to start an affordable online presence.

Essential functionality like email accounts and a simple website.

Example: A personal blog or portfolio website with small traffic without a sales cart.

Plans V1 and V2: (growing plans)

Ideal for SMEs or personal websites with more content.

More RAM and CPU and Storage resources than Plan V0, suitable for sites with higher traffic.

Example: A small online store (max. 20 to 30 products) or a professional services website.

Elastic Hosting Plans V3 to V8:

Ideal for companies with growing traffic and scalable resource needs.


Better performance according to plan, ability to scale without affecting service, greater email flow.

Example: A regional news portal, an online education site or growing stores.

Plans S1 to S5:

Ideal for companies with a high need for email storage or a large flow of databases.


Significant storage for files and emails, suitable for designers with several large sites in one place, ideal for implementing cloud storage.

Example: A company with an extensive email infrastructure or a cloud service to store large amounts of data.

  • < span style="font: 7.0pt 'Times New Roman';"> These are just examples and general recommendations. Remember that we can adapt our services to meet the specific needs of each client. If you require further details on specific technical features or have particular requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can best assist you.

Thank you for considering Conexcol as your hosting provider!

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