How to contract an elastic website (Web Hosting)?

To contract the Cloud Web Hosting service, the following steps must be taken into account:


1. We enter the Conexcol page

2. We click on the hosting option.

3. After we enter the hosting plans page, we can find the different resources that the plans we manage have, there are two tabs, one with the V plans that manage a greater number of machine resources (RAM - vCPU) and another where we enter the S plans designed for large-scale storage.

4. After knowing which plan is going to be taken, we click on the contract button option.

5. Once we are in the part of the plan to contract, we find the option to configure the domain to the hosting.
You have three options: register (new domain), transfer a domain (This is when you already have a domain with another provider and want Conexcol to manage it) and the third is to link a domain to the hosting via DNS.

6. When we have the option of configuring the domain to be used, we click continue

7. After clicking on continue, we will find the configuration of the plan to be contracted and there we can take the billing time that it may take, in the case of hosting it can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.

8. Once you have taken the option of contracting time, that the plan is what you want and that we indicate the resources, we allow you to continue.