How to acquire a domain?

The domain of the applicant is restricted to registrations with termination,, and, these extensions are restricted since they can only be assigned to entities and / or institutions that comply with certain requirements The .CO domain administration policies assigned by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies, indicate that depending on the type of domain, they must comply with the following documentation:

It is important to note that the registration in,, and requires control (review of documents) by the Administrator (.CO Internet).

The registration of domain names under may only be requested by institutions of the Colombian education sector, recognized by the Ministry of National Education.

Private institutions must pay the registration, while public institutions must not make any payment for the registration and / or renewal of the domain. The documents that must support the request for activation are:

  •     Copy of the Unique Tax Registry RUT Updated.
  •     Copy of the License of Operation or Recognition of Studies granted by the Ministry or Secretariat of Education. .
  •     New documents are requested when inconsistencies and / or differences in the documents sent are evidenced.
  •     Kindergartens with early childhood care do not have any recognition from the Ministry of Education and are directly regulated by the Ministry of Social Integration, which is why not having an Operating License requires different and more specific documentation because of according to their nature they do not comply with the policy of assigning the domains established by the Mintic.

.CO Internet SAS, after the tender 002 of 2009 of the MINTIC through which the promotion, administration, and technical operation of the .CO domain is granted, becomes the only entity in Colombia in charge of registering the domains of use Restricted mentioned above.

The registration process begins by entering the registration portal, the user sends the required documentation scanned, once the documentation is received, validation and verification is carried out in accordance with the policies established for this purpose.

While the documentation verification process is ongoing, the registrants of the restricted applicant's domain will not be able to view the domain as an asset and it will not be taken as such, until full compliance with the documentation requirements.

If the documentation complies, the registrant is notified of the steps to be followed to complete the activation of the domain name.

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