Installation of graphic environment (gnome)

Preparatory steps

Make SSH connection

This connection must be made in order to remotely modify the cloud servers.


Open the terminal and write:

ssh root @ IP


Use the PuTTY tool and enter the IP of the Cloud server and the user and password that appear in the user panel.

Install the Screen tool

The installation of the "Screen" tool must be performed before any action is taken so that, if the SSH connection is lost, the work continues in the background.

To install "Screen" -> yum install screen -y To start a new screen -> screen To close a screen -> screen -d To summarize a screen -> screen -a

Update the operating system

Open a new screen


Before installing any tool, verify that the CentOS repositories and operating system are in the latest version with:

yum update -y && yum upgrade -y

Install GNOME

Having a screen open on the console:

yum -y groups install "GNOME Desktop" -y

Once the process is finished, you can start the graphical environment by typing


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