What are the states of a domain?

The states of a domain are the following:

Pending: It is the initial state generated when completing the registration form. At this point, no type of procedure has yet been initiated.

Registered: As the name implies, the domain was already purchased and registered by a provider and can not be acquired anywhere else.

Renewed: It's when a customer buys the domain name again for X years.

Busy: The domain is not available at that time to be registered.

Transfer Pending: State in which the transfer of the domain has been initiated and remains pending the completion of the same by the registration entity.

Transferred: Completion status when requesting the transfer of a domain between entities.

Canceled: The domain acquires this status when the product owner has requested the cancellation of the same.

Expired: In order to maintain rights over a domain, its owner must pay the value corresponding to its renewal when the registration expires. When this does not happen, the domain enters the period of suspension for a period of a few days, with which the registrar withdraws it from its root server (Root Name Server) and at that moment both the site and the boxes stop functioning. mail associated with the domain in question. If the owner of the domain decides to pay the renewal, it is added back to the root server and recovers the character of the asset until its next expiration. Renewal will be possible only if the domain does not enter the redemption period.

Renew Gracie Period: This is the time when the domain is inactive (suspended). It lasts 35 days more or less depending on the extension, during which the domain can be renewed.

RedemptionPeriod: This state is established when the domain is expired and can be renewed only under special conditions and charges. In this period, the registrar keeps the domain blocked for approximately 30 to 45 days from the expiration date and after this period, the domain continues its course passing to the PendingDelete status. During this time the domain can be renewed for $ 250 USD.

PendingDelete: After the status of Redemption has elapsed, the domain enters this state, which lasts from 5 to 10 days. In this state the domain can not be renewed or restored. At the end of this period, the domain is released and is available for registration by any person.

PendingRestore: This status is set if a restore command has been issued in a domain name. That is, if the registration entity requests the removal of the redemption status. The PendingRestore period lasts 7 calendar days.

Transfer prohibited: This status occurs when the "Register-Lock" option has been activated. It is a security configuration that prevents the domain from being transferred to another registrar. In this case, if you want to transfer your domain from the registration entity to another provider you must have the status of "ACTIVE" or "OK" so that the transfer is accepted by the "Global Registry". Register-Lock does NOT affect the operation of your domain to show the web page or mail, it only protects your domain from unauthorized transfers.

ClientHold: Domain names under this status are not included in the zone files. Under Client Hold, the domain can be updated, deleted, transferred and renewed. It is necessary to contact the registrar of the same to obtain more information.

ClientUpdateProhibited: If a domain is under ClientUpdateProhibited status, the name servers related to the domain name (DNS) can not be modified, the authorization code or EPP code can not be modified. update, the domain can not be synchronized and the registrar can not modify the condition of the domain without removing this status. When a domain is in clientUpdateProhibited, it can be transferred, deleted and, also, renewed.

ClientDeleteProhibited: If a domain is in ClientDeleteProhibited, the domain name can not be deleted. When a domain name is in the status of clientDeleteProhibited it can be updated, transferred and renewed.

ClientRenewProhibited: The domain registrar establishes the domain name in ClientRenewProhibited. The domain name can not be renewed explicitly. When a domain name is in the status of clientRenewProhibited it can be updated, trans

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