How to Activate SSL (https) for my website?

Steps to take in Joomla! to Activate SSL

1- Edit the Configuration.php File

When we have our SSL certificates issued and activated, we will change some configurations within the configuration.php file that we can find in the directory where we have installed our Joomla!.

We can edit it from the File Manager of our cPanel.

Once inside, we locate the configuration.php file and edit it.

We must look for the line:

$ live_site = '';

And change it to:

$ live_site = '';

We save the changes and close the editor.

2- Edit .htaccess File

Before leaving the File Manager we will add some lines of code to the .htaccess file that can be found in the installation of our Joomla.

As with the configuration.php file, we select it and edit it.

If we do not find it, we may need to enable Show hidden files (dotfiles) from the File Manager configuration.

Once we have opened the .htaccess file, we should look for the line:

RewriteEngine On

If it is not we create it and just below we add these two:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond% {SERVER_PORT} 80

RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ https://AQUI_EL_DOMINIO.COM/$1 [R, L]

3- We force SSL in Joomla!

Finally we must enter the administration panel of our Joomla! and go to System / Global Configuration.

Then we click on the Server tab, we look for the Force HHTPS option and we select All Site

We save and if we go to our website. If everything went well, we will see that we will enter the URL directly from https: // ... which will indicate that we have activated SSL in Joomla!.

4- The Connection is not Secure - Notice in Browsers

Yes after doing all the steps in Joomla! to activate the connection https: // ... we find that a warning appears in a browser indicating that the connection is not secure, we still have to take one more action.

This happens when an image follows the URL of type http: // ... and the actions we have taken are not able to force the https: // ....

What we should do is modify the URLs of these images or files by adding the https: // ....

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